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How to Apply

If you wish to training in teaching at Lionwood Teaching School, the two routes into teaching that we offer are:


Schools Direct Tuition and Schools Direct Salaried


Our training provider is Suffolk and Norfolk School-Centred Initial Teacher Training.


You can apply on the UCAS website.


You'll need to register before you can apply.

You'll need these codes for the Choices section of the application form:

  • training provider code: 2JE
  • Schools Direct Salaried programme code: 39MD
  • Schools Direct Tuition programme code 3CBL

You’ll also need to choose a training location and give the relevant training location code.

Available training locations:

Main Site Lionwood Teaching School, Telegraph Lane East, Norwich, NR1 4AN


If you require more details on these programmes, please see our other pages in  "Routes into Teaching" on this website.