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Initial Teacher Training at Lionwood Teaching School

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) at Lionwood Teaching School


Lionwood Schools Federation and the schools within Inclusive Schools Trust have a history of supporting students undertaking their Initial Teacher Training. We have developed a model of support for trainees and staff at all levels, enabling them to become excellent teachers, leaders and support staff in a wide variety of settings.


Over the years we have worked with Suffolk and Norfolk School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) and the University of East Anglia (UEA) to provide Schools Direct placements in our schools. From 2019 we were delighted to be able to recruit students in partnership with Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT. We have chosen SCITT as our main training provider due to its excellent reputation for providing high quality training.  In addition to their training, Lionwood Teaching School offers 5 additional training sessions with a range of specialists from the Trust. These sessions are designed to give students extra practical training in key areas such as Behaviour Management, Speech Language and Communication, Data and Assessment, Special Educational needs and Disability and English as an Additional Language. 


We have provided additional placements for students and Newly Qualified Teachers who have struggled in other placements and we have a reputation for providing excellent training and support.  Many of the teachers have trained with us and we have a strong commitment to ensuring that teachers are equipped to be able to manage the challenges of today’s educational landscape. We understand the difficulties around recruitment and retention in the teaching profession and believe that high quality training and on-going support can reduce the number of teachers leaving the profession within 5 years.


We believe strongly in the highest expectations for children and staff and we work hard to ensure that all trainees and staff find the right school for them with the on-going support they need in place.


We are acutely aware of the increase in workload and the high levels of resilience needed by teachers, and understand that embarking on teaching as a career can pose many questions. If you are considering teaching as a career and would like to spend a day in one of our schools talking to our leaders about the job please see our School Experience Placement section.



Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT