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‘Inspire, Support, Teach’

National Support School

National Support School


We aim to achieve three targets:

  1. Enable others to improve outcomes for all groups of pupils.
  2. Enable others to use assessment for learning to develop understanding of the whole child.
  3. Enable others to become leaders of learning and leaders of learning communities.


Support for schools could be directly from:

  • The CEO/Executive Headteacher who is a National Leader of Education (NLE).
  • One of our Directors who specialise in Inclusion, Achievement and Teaching.
  • One of our 12 Specialist Leaders of Education, trained by Lambeth Teaching School Alliance and deployed through VNET.


  • We support others to recognise the importance of teaching to misconceptions and gaps in order to accelerate progress
  • We support others by demonstrating the impact of interventions on pupil progress at Lionwood not by selling one particular product but by sharing the systems and processes that go alongside an intervention package
  • We scaffold and model for other schools so that they replicate best practice
  • We coach others to enable them to make a difference themselves with support so that when support is withdrawn they are able to sustain progress and build capacity
  • We offer auditing of learning communities to identify areas of strength and areas for development
  • Direct work with Leadership Teams including Governance to build capacity, support with strategic planning and identify areas for development using a solution focused approach


If you wish to apply for support from either our National Leader for Education (Selene Sawyer) or our Director of Achievement, Teaching and Learning (Simon Davis), please see 'Booking Form' in the 'School to School Support' section of this website.